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Here are highlights -- a sampling of a few popular stories -- from our Issue Number 1:

Organic farming pioneer Eliot Coleman receives national honor

The James Beard Foundation has chosen Eliot Coleman, owner of Four Season Farm of

Harborside, Maine, and a grandfather of the organic farming movement, its Leadership Award.

Coleman has pioneered cold-weather growing techniques that enable farmers to stay productive through the harshest of winters. He lives on Four Season Farm with his wife and has written several books himself, including “The New Organic Grower” and “The Winter Harvest Handbook.”

Eliot was honored at a dinner co-hosted by Good Housekeeping magazine during the annual James Beard in the village Foundation Food Conference in New York City.

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ATV Lifeguards: Revolutionary new quad bike rider crush protection device

The "Lifeguards" is a segmented roll bar that helps give crush protection on an upturned Quad and is less likely to cause injury to the rider.

It is designed to hold up a Quad in excess of 350kg and can be simply mounted to the rear carrier.

Special tests by Landcorp NZ and IRL have established it does not significantly alter the stability of the Quad.

The segmented construction is a new concept and has the ability to deflect around a person's body, limbs or head on impact. It cannot collapse or flatten and will support a quad off the ground and help to provide crush protection for the rider.

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The SolarMill: A fully integrated “hybrid” renewable energy product

WindStream Technologies has developed a first-of-its-kind, fully integrated, “hybrid” renewable energy product, The SolarMill.

The hybrid concept of the SolarMill is unique, seamlessly integrating wind and solar energy generation in a single unit.

This allows the product to be an effective solution in markets where the natural resources available for wind or solar energy generation alone do not justify investment in wind or solar energy generation alone.

The SolarMill is designed to work in both on-grid and off-grid environments, to be easily installed as renewable energy solutions where traditional technologies may not be deployed.

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Offshore wind farms, hurricanes and sustainability

Offshore wind energy is a vast, largely untapped resource of renewable energy with enormous potential. In the U.S., the potential resource is estimated to have a capacity close to the existing electricity capacity of the entire nation. 

Offshore wind energy is a compelling source of renewable energy because offshore winds tend to be steadier and stronger than onshore winds, and many major population centers are located in close to rich offshore wind resources.

Realizing these important benefits requires research aimed at reducing the cost of offshore wind energy.

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A Sustainable Fuel: DB Export Brewtroleum

As the search for more sustainable energy solutions continues, we’ve seen everything from used coffee beans to sewer fat as sources for green energy.

Now, here's a biofuel made partly out of natural beer waste and it is available at Gull pumps across New Zealand

DB Export Brewtroleum is a biofuel made partly out of natural beer waste and is available at gas pumps across New Zealand.

The biofuel is made by distilling the leftover yeast — produced during the brewing of DB — to create 95 percent pure ethanol.

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PaperJohn is a biodegradable backpack made from 100-percent recycled paper

One million plastic bags are used every minute, contributing massively to pollution

through both their production and disposal.

Many countries have introduced incentives to encourage the use of reusable bags, but despite their best intentions, the average shopper is prone to forget them at least some of the time.

Offering a solution is the PaperJohn, a biodegradable backpack made from 100 percent recycled paper — which can be worn on the back.

The bag can even be branded with logos or advertising messages at very low costs.

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